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New Guaranteed Issue

Final Expense !


Guaranteed Issue ages 40-80


No Phone Interviews


Low Rates


Free Of Charge Spousal Bonus Rider of

$ 1,000.00 !


Whole Life



for as little as

$8.80 a month.


A Whole Life Guaranteed policy

helps ensure that your family may be

supported in the future.


A Whole Life Guaranteed

insurance policy offers:


>  Up to $25,000.00 in coverage.


>  Guaranteed coverage for those aged



>  No medical exam or health questions.


> No decrease in benefits or increase in premiums


> Builds cash value to borrow against.




       A Whole life Guaranteed policy also includes a graded death benefit. If death occurs from natural causes (not accidental) during  the policy's first two years, the beneficiary will receive all premiums you paid plus 20 percent. Once the two year period ends, the beneficiary will receive the policy's full benefit.


      If you have any questions about a United of Omaha life insurance policy, please review our policy details or speak with one of our licensed insurance agents today. Our agents can help you determine which policy and coverage level is suited for your needs.

Please Call Toll Free - (800) 246-0163